Why Logangate Prefers Building With Douglas Fir

Why Logangate Prefers Building With Douglas Fir

Whether you’re a professional home builder or a layperson unfamiliar with the nuances of building custom homes, Douglas fir is likely a tree species you’ve at least heard of. This impressive tree is native to North America and has been recorded as being used by Native Americans to build all types of tools, living structures, and even canoes. 


With such a significant presence in history, it’s no wonder that some modern companies still use this native tree species. Today, we’ll discuss why the professionals at Logangate Timber Homes have stuck to building with Douglas fir in our luxurious timber frame homes!


Why Doesn’t Everyone Use Douglas Fir as a Building Material?

Using Douglas fir as a building material is not the industry standard among home builders in America for several reasons, but it all eventually boils down to the overall cost of the finished project. While this species of wood is highly desirable, it can be difficult to acquire due to its native habitat in the Pacific Northwest and mountainous coastal regions. When the tree is harvested and processed, it is typically transported to a sawmill for processing into usable finished planks.


Transporting these trees out of mountainous regions can be costly when compared to local wood species that might be readily available. This is sometimes a driving factor in using Douglas fir for Timber Home building or a local species is used. Once the logs are debarked and sawed into planks, the planks are then dried. Douglas fir lumber is strong, with a Janka hardness score of 660. While this is not in the top-ranked hardness, building with Douglas fir is preferred because it is relatively inexpensive compared to its rank in hardness. In the hands of a professional timber frame company, Douglas fir can be used to build exceptionally high-quality homes.


Natural Pest and Decay Control

While a home that is built with Douglas fir lumber might not be insect or pest-free, it does possess some favorable qualities for homeowners who might worry about damage to their homes. Douglas fir lumber contains naturally occurring resin that resists fungi, insects, and other burrowing pests; without this resin, pests and other organisms could more easily infest the wood and cause the home to deteriorate. 


Another secret weapon against pest and fungal infestations of Douglas fir is its wood density. With an average density of 530 kg/m3, Douglas fir lumber density means that it increases the strength and durability of the wood and also makes it difficult for pests to penetrate the dense wood. Because of its difficulty in penetrating wood, pests are less likely to establish a colony and ruin the home. These qualities are why many homes built with Douglas fir can stand for hundreds of years with the proper care.


Other Considerations of Using Douglas Fir for Building

Another reason why home-building companies like Logangate prefer to use Douglas fir for building timber homes is that this tree species is bountiful in North America and thus can be sustainably harvested. As global climate changes and shifts occur at abnormal rates, it’s important to try to practice sustainable living so that future generations will have a place to live and thrive. Professionals at Logangate Timber Homes use green building practices to ensure Douglas fir populations are not exhausted or depleted. At Logangate, we partner with certified lumber suppliers that adhere to ethical harvesting practices. Finally, at Logangate, we use a 2×6 Douglas fir tongue and groove, unlike our competitors that use lower-quality materials. This joint design is a staple design with all of Logangate’s homes and standard to our tightly-fit premanufactured energy-efficient panels!


Choose a Post and Beam Professional Home Builder

At Logangate Timber Homes, we’re committed to providing ultra-luxury timber frame homes as well as modern post and beam homes. Our experts at Logangate Timber Homes have been building with Douglas fir for over 50 years, and the unique wood grain structure is preferred by many satisfied new homeowners. Simply put, we believe that Douglas fir looks beautiful in our spacious and high-ceiling timber frame homes. When paired with the right home builder, Douglas fir can be used to build truly remarkable homes. Contact Logangate Timber Homes to start the process and build your dream home today!

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