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Timber Frame Home KitEither Modern, Cantilevered, Chalet, Cabin or Timber Frame Home, Logangate Timber Homes has a custom timber frame home design for you.  We have multiple timber frame home designs, timber frame home kits, styles and sizes to meet your design needs. 


Why have standard flat drywall ceilings when an expansive timber frame home can be yours for about the same price.   Our timber frame kits utilize a post & beam construction provides vaulted wood ceilings supported by the strength of douglas fir timbers.   


Modern Timber Frame House

Timber Frame Home Kits


Prefab Timber Frame Homes means our Wall & Roof components are built in a controlled factory environment for the highest level of craftsmanship.  Our Timber Frame Home Kits can be shipped anywhere and allow for much faster dry in times.  



View the chart to the right to see how Douglas Fir compares to other timber species.  The term post & beam refers to a vertical post built into the wall and the beam refers to the douglas fir rafter coming down on the post.  When necessary, we use simple powdered coated steel plates to make timber framing connections on our prefab timber frame kits.


Our Timber Frame Homes 

You can customize the timber frame home floor plan, choose either 24ft. or 28ft wide and expand the length in 4ft. increments 36ft., 40ft. 44ft. etc.  Select a timber frame floor plan then design it to make your prefab timber frame home kit… your home.  Our 12/12 roof pitch allows each timber frame kit home to have a loft upstairs.  We have in house drafting in Autocad with full set of floor plans, elevations and construction details all provided as part of our service.

Modern Timber Homes

Our Modern Prefab Timber Frame Home Kits are in line with modern architecture. Simplicity of form, functional, flexible, and flowing spaces highlight our timber frame home designs.  We often use exposed structural members with both Timber and Steel syncing old and new world design.  Often designed as Mountain Contemporary Timber Frame Houses, fusing modern architecture with mountain siding and exterior finishes. 

Cantilevered Pedestal Home

Our cantilevered homes are a unique prefab timber frame home featuring a main structure that cantilevers 10-12 feet from all four sides of a small foundation, creating a visual weightlessness.  The small footprint means minimum site disturbance preserving the natural state of the building area. The pedestal foundation literally rises above environmentally sensitive sites such as steep slopes, flood plains, and marshes. This timber frame home kit plan design enables you to “Build where you thought you never could”.  Tens of thousands of dollars can be saved with a much smaller Pedestal foundation.   The select model that meets your square foot needs then design your space.

Designs by Logangate Timber Homes

Logangate Timber Homes has been in business for over 50 years. We are dedicated to providing high-quality timber frame homes to our customers. We strive to provide our low environmental impact custom timber frame homes at an affordable price. Our timber frame home packages are manufactured responsibly and sustainably so you can feel good about a prefabricated timber frame home from Logangate. You can rest assured that a timber frame home kit from Logangate Homes will be a beautiful, durable home that will last a lifetime. Contact us today to talk to a representative about buying a timber frame house. We can walk you through all the options and assist you every step of the way. You’ll feel at home with a custom timber frame home by Logangate Homes.


Logangate Timber Homes

Logangate Timber Homes is custom home builder in Asheville, North Carolina, specializing in building beautiful Modern Post & Beam Homes, Pedestal Timber Homes, Chalet Timber Homes, and Timber Frame Cabins. We have over 50 years of experience building panelized Timber Frame Homes that can be found all over the nation and are particularly popular in Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, and West Virginia. We are dedicated to designing beautifully crafted affordable Timber Frame Homes.

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