Chalet Style Homes

Chalet Style Home Kit

Chalet Style Home Kit

Chalet Kit Home - Chalet Wing

Chalet Kit Home - Chalet Wing

Chalet Kit Home - Grand Chalet

Chalet Kit Home - Grand Chalet

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Chalet Kit Homes

Logangate Prefab Chalet homes follow the tradition of classic Swiss Alps architecture.   Key features of Chalet style homes include steep sloping roof with longer overhangs at the eaves and the gable ends and a prow front.   Our roof overhangs can be customized from 1 to 2’ on the eaves and up to 4’ on the ends of the home.   These overhangs not only provide architectural style but also protect the home from wind, rain, and snow. 

The Key Feature of our Prefab Chalet homes is the Prow front.  The Prow is at the gable end in the Living room and typically is pointed towards the view.  The center section of the wall protrudes out 4’ at the midpoint.  At either side of the midpoint, we typically place 8’ wide doors and 5 pieces of fixed glass above each door.   Therefore, on the view side of the home, we have 2- 8’ wide doors and 10 pieces of fixed glass all designed to take maximum advantage of your scenic views.  This is the prominent architectural feature of our Timber Frame Chalet kit Homes.

Chalet Timber HomeInside you can see the real advantage of a Timber Frame Chalet kit home.  Our Chalet kit homes and designs include full clerestory rooms.  No attic spaces or drywall ceilings here.  We use 4×8 Douglas Fir Timbers from British Columbia along with 2×6 Douglas Fir Tongue and Groove.  As a result, all your vaulted ceilings are 100% Douglas Fir.   Timbers provide the main look of a Chalet style home kit and we would not want to cheapen it with lessor grade species.   In fact, our Douglas Fir is so beautiful, most customers simply clear coat finish it to bring out it’s natural beauty.   Our prefab chalet home kits utilize douglas fir not only for its’ beauty but also its strength.  It is by far the strongest softwood available and has been utilized by the best timber home companies.


Chalet Home Plans and Designs

Chalet Timber Home Interior


Our chalet home plans are very flexible.  We can customize a size for you from 400 sq. ft to 4000 sq. ft.  Our process includes custom drafting in AutoCAD floor plans and elevations.  Our design consultant works with you to find the perfect chalet home plans with the right size and style and then make it your own.  Our chalet kit homes always have a spacious and open living room with 22’ high ceilings at the peak.  Dining rooms are also typically near the vaulted ceilings.  Timber Frame Chalet style home kits can be designed with the master either on the main floor or up in the loft.   You can customize the number of bedrooms and baths you want as well as any other feature.   Our Chalet kit home dimensions start at either 24’ or 28’ deep and then increase in 4’ increments, i.e. 24×36, 40, 44.  Want to go bigger, just add a single or two-story wing.   Our prefab chalet home plan – grand chalet gets even bigger by adding a wing on each side.

A unique aspect to our prefab chalet homes is our exposed loft floor system.  Instead of traditional floor trusses, our prefab chalet style homes feature a 4×8 Douglas Fir joist with 2×6 Douglas Fir Tongue and Groove flooring on top.  Therefore, when you on the first floor and you look up, instead of seeing drywall you will see the all douglas fir floor system.  This design keeps the warmth of the Douglas Fir flowing throughout the first floor.


Chalet Timber Home Kitchen

The chalet cabin kits provide a panelized post & beam product delivered to your job site.  This design will set you apart as your guests ooh and awe over the expanse of the great room and the timber home features.  This is your Chalet Timber Home.

Ever dream of a home that resembles the Swiss Alps? Our Cantilever Chalet Homes are exactly what you’ve been looking for. Logangate also offers Cantilever Chalet homes which are perfect for steep wooded areas. If you are interested in a Cantilever Chalet Home, learn more about our Cantilever Home Designs here. 






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