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Logangate Timber Homes only install passive window systems from the highest quality manufacturers. Double-pane windows with low-E coatings and argon gas are standard, but you can choose window options that incorporate the most efficient technologies on the market. Special coatings for passive solar applications or high-impact windows for hurricane zones are available.

Energy Efficient Technology: If you’ve ever sat next to a cold window in winter, you’ll know that windows are very bad at keeping heat inside your house. To overcome this, energy-efficient passive window systems are built with two panes of glass, and the gap between these panes is filled with argon, an inert gas that improves the window’s ability to insulate.

If you’ve ever gotten into a parked car on a hot summer day, you’ll know that glass is very good at absorbing the sunlight that shines on it.  It will then re-radiate that heat into the environment it encloses. This effect can make a car–or a living room–uncomfortable.

At Logangate Timber Homes, we use passive window systems that utilize low-E glass. Low-E glass filters long-wave radiation from the sun. This reduces solar heat gain from the summer sun, helping to keep your home cooler. The low-E coated glass blocks unwanted ultraviolet radiation (protecting fabrics, furniture, and rugs) and reflects away the long-wave infrared radiation that can add heat to the inside of your home.

In the colder winter months, the smart design of our passive window systems takes on a new responsibility. The low-E coated glass allows warm shortwave solar rays into your home for natural warmth. In cold weather, the heat inside moves toward your cooler windows but the low-E coating acts as a mirror, reflecting it back inside to help save you money!

Climate-Specific Design: The right window depends upon the climate you build in. Customers in hurricane zones may want impact-resistant windows to give their home extra protection from storms, while those building in Florida will benefit from a different type of low-E coating than those building in New England.  If you are hoping to build a high-performing, passive solar home, you also have options for the type of window glass best suited to your needs.  We work with each and every customer to make sure they receive the best passive window systems for their project.

Installation Details that Matter: How a window is installed can make a difference in the weather-resistant performance of the wall.  We install windows in our climate-controlled factory–not high up on a ladder in the rain. At Logangate Timber Homes, we install windows with careful attention to flashing details that can help keep the window opening from leaking. 

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