Modern Post & Beam Homes

Our Modern Post and Beam Homes combine contemporary architecture with old world timber frame structure.   Clean lines, artful ways of using glass welcoming your outside in and structural steel cantilevers are all elements that Logangate incorporates into your design.   Form follows function and practicality designed into the floor plans to meet your post and beam house plan needs.   Contemporary architecture describes those styles that are being implemented today and includes an integration of materials with their natural habitat. Interior and exterior spaces are designed to incorporate the environment that they are in and make the design a natural extension of nature.



Post and Beam Home

The style is also characterized by volume.   Logangate Post and Beam homes, with its towering timbers, is the single most noticed characteristic of our homes.   Our timber homes have no attics; therefore, all the ceilings are vaulted all the way to the roof.  No faux 4x material to make it look like timbers.  Our post and beam kits use real 4×8 douglas fir timbers and 2×6 douglas fir tongue and groove material which is not only beautiful but also structural.   The warmth it creates is amazing and the hallmark of our Post and Beam homes.   The exterior walls of our post and beam kit will still have the studs exposed to the inside when erected.  Therefore, you can put drywall or anything else on the walls to customize the feel you are looking for.  The 4×8 rafter (beam) comes down the roof and sits on our 4x post buried in the wall, hence post and beam design.  Our post and beam kits are always designed with the rafters spaced 4 ft. on center. 





Post and Beam Home Interior



Logangate Modern post and beam homes have come up with a whole new line of contemporary modern homes that also cantilever.   We can now cantilever 12 ft in all four directions creating the visual of a floating home.  Because the Post and Beam Cantilevered home foundation is tucked 12 ft under the home, you can place the home amongst the trees.  Typically, all trees 10 to 15 ft from the home must come down because the root system will be compromised in digging the foundation.  With our post and beam home that cantilevers this is not the case.  So, feel free to live among the trees.






Post and Beam Home Exterior


If you like our homes but don’t want a cantilevered home, no problem.  All of our homes can be designed to be placed on a traditional foundation.

Our post and beam house plans and floor plans are all customizable.  Because of the post and beam home timber roof design, we have very few load-bearing points.  This makes designing your post and beam kit home very easy with very few restrictions.  We have in house AutoCAD drafting all included in our pricing, so we can design any floor plan that will meet YOUR needs.  Open floor plans and free-flowing spaces are our specialties.   Our post and beam cabin kits enable large volumes and open floor plans while maintaining a timber aesthetics and scale.    Call us today to begin your process of building your dream Contemporary Post and Beam home.








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