Why Go For Eco Friendly Cabin Designs and Cabin Kits

Why Go For Eco-Friendly Cabin Designs and Cabin Kits


Since the idea of “global warming” became the topic of everyday discussion in the early 2000s, environmentally friendly initiatives have begun sprouting up around the world. Today, the climate crisis has since been rebranded as “climate change,” but the problems remain the same: long-term changes in weather patterns that are a result of human activity and carbon emissions. It’s not all doom and gloom, though. There are hundreds of thousands of environmental, sustainable, and green initiatives that are being pitched every year.


Futuristic vertical farming initiatives, heavy investments in wind and solar, and electric vehicle initiatives are just a few of the many ways the world is combating climate change. At Logangate Timber Homes, we’ve joined the fight against climate change with our green building processes, eco-friendly cabins, and eco-friendly cabin designs


Rediscovery of Eco-Friendly Cabin Designs


With rising home prices, the talk of “van life” and tiny homes has been widely discussed in the past few years. Many Millenials and Generation Z have gone from outfitting Sprinter vans to completely rebuilding old school buses (often lovingly referred to as a“Skoolie”). While the van life, tiny home, and Skoolie fad have more or less worn off, the idea of small luxury living persists. As millennials settle down, the desire to be a homeowner free from the stress of urban living has become a common theme, and eco-friendly cabins have become a rediscovered trend. Modern eco-friendly cabin designs can vary widely, from single-unit eco-friendly cabin kits to modern cantilevered homes these styles are a few examples among many popular choices.


More recently, uniquely designed and unusually shaped homes have become very popular in the digital era of social media and influencer marketing. Modern-designed homes like converted airplanes, lighthouses, hobbit homes, and shipping container homes have taken social spaces by storm. What these unique homes have in common is that many of them are designed around the surrounding environment to complement the scenery, allowing them to be eco-friendly in the sense that they do not disturb the natural environment without serious alterations. Taking this concept into consideration, cabin designers like Logangate Timber Homes have entered the market with eco-friendly cabin kits that are less radical than a converted airplane but are still uniquely beautiful, environmentally friendly, and super-insulating to save on utility bills and costs.


Green Building Practices That Matter


Modern eco-friendly cabin designs focus on green building practices and sustainability. This means that the materials are ethically sourced, processed, and replacement trees are planted to give back to the environment. Once the materials are cut and sent to the manufacturers, they can either be traditionally stick-built or prefabricated in a manufacturing facility. There are pros and cons to both processes, but many modern home builders are opting for prefabrication because of the many benefits that come with premanufacturing homes.


On average, building a home using eco-friendly cabin designs will take less time than a traditional stick-built house, will last longer, and will be much more energy efficient. The energy efficiency comes from the taut fitting of the home panels. The compact fittings eliminate drafts in the end product of the cabin home, which ultimately saves the homeowner a considerable amount of money from lost heat and cooling.


Eco-Friendly Cabins and Designs


When people think of cabins, they typically envision something in mountainous regions or in forested areas. Eco-friendly cabin designs often include the natural environment around the home so that the home feels at one with nature instead of conquering it. Eco-friendly in this sense means having a sustainable low-carbon footprint in the home while also keeping the impact and presence of the home minimally invasive to the area.

“Unity, a Modern Cabin”







Pedestal homes are a great way to have a large home with good square footage while having a small foundation compared to the bulk of the structure. This is often done with smart cantilevering designs to allow the home to balance over steeply sloping lots without losing any structural integrity and giving the home a unique look as if it were floating over the landscape. The clever use of a smaller foundation has the added benefit of saving on the cost of the overall home price while also minimally impacting the environment. Compared to a traditional home with a standard foundation, pedestal homes require much less digging and leveling.


When outfitting an eco-friendly cabin or home, it’s important to remember that many small actions can culminate into a big difference. If possible, try using energy star appliances, lighting, insulation, windows, and systems. Keep unnecessary things unplugged and consider the use of solar panels if you’re interested in long-term investment. All of these things can add up to make a considerable difference in both the environment and your long-term budgets!


Sustainable Living for Future Generations


As global temperatures continue to rise and climate change causes extreme and unpredictable weather patterns, it’s important to collectively play our parts in helping to slow the rate of carbon emissions. For manufacturers like Logangate Timber Homes, we build eco-friendly homes that are sustainably built and designed to reduce the amount of energy required for heating and cooling. Logangate Timber Homes are also durable and will last for generations to come.


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