Why Choosing an Eco Friendly Home Building Company Makes a Difference

Why Choosing an Eco-Friendly Home Building Company Makes a Difference

We’re sure you’ve seen it everywhere, modern society seems to have placed a heavy emphasis on sustainability, environmental friendliness, and energy efficiency in the last twenty years. Environmental initiatives like the Energy Policy Act and Energy Independence and Security Act have incentivized and encouraged green alternatives. These initiatives, as well as the establishment of the Federal Office of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy, make it easy to see that the rising average temperature on Earth is truly a hot topic. Today, you can find hybrid and electric vehicles, efficiently recycled products, and hyper-efficient homes just about anywhere you go. What do all of these initiatives and government agencies have to do with choosing an eco-friend home building company? We’re here to address the importance of sustainable living and why timber home companies like Logangate Timber Homes are dedicated to creating green homes. 

The Climate Change Problem

According to the scientific community, the human-caused climate change problem began in the early 1800s, around the time of the global industrial revolution. In the early 2000s, evidence of climate change began to surface in everyday conversations, and government policies changed to mitigate the rising issue. Timber frame home companies like Logangate Timber Homes began emphasizing the importance of green homes. According to the investment research platform Macrotrends, heating oil prices averaged around eighty-eight cents in the 2000s. Today, it averages around $3.54 USD. Of course, there is a multitude of variables that influence the price of heating oil and utilities, but this increase in oil prices has created a demand for homes that are both efficient and sustainable. For new homeowners, this means choosing an eco-friendly home-building company for future generations is both a rational and necessary choice.

Eco-Friendly Timber Frame Home Companies

Classic cabin home styles like Post and Beam homes and Timber Frame homes have become popular choices in combating climate change. Modern methods of building Post and Beam homes have become streamlined and can be prefabricated in a manufacturing facility. Essentially, a prefabricated home (also referred to as a prefab home) is a pre-built home. Many parts of the home are pre-built, such as the walls, gable panels, roof panels, etc.

What makes this particular home style such a smart choice is that an eco-friendly home-building company builds your prefabricated home in intentional stages in a controlled factory setting. Building these panels in a controlled environment ensures that the resulting home will be extremely energy efficient. This is because the factory environment enables timber home companies like Logangate Timber Homes to give the home an airtight seal free from drafts, leaks, and excess spacing. While these small nuances may be invisible to the naked eye, a tightly sealed home will be apparent with the homeowner gets their first utility bill.

Building With Eco-Friendly Timber Home Companies

An advantage to using the prefabricated method is that it allows panelized construction in nearly every aspect of the home build, including the roof. This is important because roofs contribute to an estimated 25% of energy loss in warm seasons. Unlike traditional SIP roof panels, Logangate Timber homes utilize Nailbase roof panels.  SIP panels, )Structural Insulated Panels) require 2×8’s/10’s inside the panels to achieve structural strength.   At Logangate, our beautiful 2×6 Doug Fir T&G Decking is our structural roof deck and therefore we do not need any 2x material in our panels.  Wood is a terrible insulation as it bridges heat from inside to outside. 


Our Roof panels are foam to foam, no wood at all.  We offer roof R-Values of R-33, R-40, or R-48. 

With an eco-friendly home-building company like Logangate, we use incredibly strong and beautiful Douglas Fir Timbers for more than just the roof. Our timbers are used for the bulk of the home build. The gorgeous Douglas Fir T&G is very rare east of Mississippi. Our design process includes full auto-CAD blueprints, which allow you to customize the size, and floor plans to see a virtual build before committing to any design.

Logangate: The Smart Choice When Choosing An Eco-Friendly Home Building Company

At Logangate, we’ve been building quality homes for fifty years. We build some of the highest quality homes in a manner that is extremely kind to the environment. Plus, we will only use the highest quality products and materials while keeping our overhead down to offer our homeowners fair and honest pricing. Logangate Timber Homes is one of the best timber frame home companies in the continental US, and we are committed to green building. We practice sustainable manufacturing, conserve electricity, use renewable energy and strive toward zero waste. Start building your dream home and contact the professionals at Logangate Timber Homes today!

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