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If you are considering building your dream home, a beautiful timber home, you should be excited! It is a choice that reveals your sense of style and your importance placed on the environment. Here at Logangate Timber Homes of Asheville, NC we want you to be reminded of the warmth and strength of your home each time you gaze above at the Douglas Fir Timbers. You feel the warmth knowing that you have a very energy efficient home. We are your partner to help you design your home as efficient as you want and within your budget.

It’s no secret that building codes across the United States and beyond are becoming more stringent when it comes to the energy efficiency. While existing homes can be retrofitted to an extent, new home builders have the distinct advantage of being able to plan and prepare for higher efficiency and the savings that come along with it. Here are a few tips we’ve learned in our business that are inspired by a recent article by Timber Home Living.

1. Roof Insulation: The number one area that provides the most bang for your buck is a properly insulated roof system. We all know heat rises and wood is a very poor insulator. You want a roof system with continuous foam roof insulation without any 2x between them that blankets your roof and prevents any thermal bridging. Ever see unfrosted lines on a frosted over roof on a cold morning. That is heat loss through the wood roof trusses.

2. Quality Windows and Doors: With even the best windows, the most inefficient part of your building envelope with be the windows. Being a part of your home’s shell, windows and doors have to be able to integrate well into the wall systems and have Low-E capabilities. If a window is poorly installed or is of lower quality with little to no tinting, it can comprise the efficiency of the entire envelope. Make sure your windows have a U-value and Solar Heat Gain Coefficient that meets the code for where you are building, remember the lower the number the better.

3. Insulated Foundations: In our experience building traditional timber homes, the combination of timber framing and SIPs with ICFs (Insulated Concrete Forms) or Superior Wall foundations has proven to create extremely tight envelopes that are well insulated from the ground up, literally.

4. Large Overhangs: Eaves and overhangs help protect your windows and interior spaces from sun exposure. Having eaves with an appropriate depth for your area and climate can also help to protect the home from the area’s weather systems year-round.

Here at Logangate, we follow these principles in every Timber Home we build. Any contractor can build a home but will it be a home that is kind to the environment and to your pocketbook? Green and energy efficient building refers to the way of building that’s kinder to our environment. It’s also a way of building that saves energy, which in return will save you a significant amount of money every month on your heating and cooling bills.

Logangate Timber Homes has been in business for over 45 years. We strive to provide our customers with beautiful, energy efficient, affordable prefabricated homes. Manufactured responsibly and sustainably, you can feel good about purchasing a Logangate home. It’s the Logangate difference.

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