How to Build On or Near a Flood Plain?

Does the sound of living incredibly close to water sound like paradise to you? If you crave this type of tranquil and serene living, then a stilt home, also known as a Piling home is for you. Simply speaking, a Piling home is a home that is built on raised piles that serve as a foundation for the home. The poles resemble stilts that the home sits securely on top of. This type of construction typically rests 10-12 feet off the ground to safely allow for high tide. The main reason a Piling home is built is to protect against flooding. These homes allow homeowners to feel as if they are on vacation all year round because they appear to almost hover over the water.

These tranquil homes have been around for thousands of years; some pre-historic pile dwellings date back to 5,000 BC! Pre-historic people built these types of houses for much the same reason as in modern times: to stay dry in an area surrounded by water. Another great feature is that this type of construction keeps out unwanted pests. It’s also extremely practical as the space underneath the house can be used as storage or even as work space.

Here at Logangate Timber Homes, we have made it our life’s work to provide you with a beautiful, energy efficient dream home at an affordable price. The reason we are able to keep our homes affordable is that we purchase directly from the lumber mill and factories to cut out unnecessary middle man markup. We specialize in building homes in hard to build areas like mountain sides and flood plains. We have a variety of prefabricated homes that can be customized to fit your needs, style and budget. Here at Logangate, we are proud of our reputation as “the” company to build America’s Dream homes. Affordably and with an emphasis on taking care of our environment.

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