Pedestal Home FAQ

Why a Pedestal Home?
The Pedestal Home is designed to take advantage of difficult terrain. Developers and individuals who know the capabilities of The Pedestal Home will buy property at a discount because the land is believed to be unbuildable. Land costs are an important component in the total construction costs. There are many lots/property with beautiful views but maybe either very steep or lie in a flood plain. We solve the problem by turning the negative into a positive. Secondarily, we provide the beauty of Post & Beam with the efficiency of panelized construction. See for yourself, the pictures speak for themselves.

What will it cost to construct my home completely including the Pedestal package?
To many variables to answer accurately. The two biggest are local labor rates and the level of finishes you will select. Including our package, we have seen total costs from $125 to $250 a foot. As a rule for budget purposes, I would suggest using the average cost per foot for stick built homes in your area. Even though our home is Post & Beam construction, it should be at or below the stick built cost. The key savings, particularly on steep terrain, will be in foundation costs.

What is included with my Pedestal Home package?
We provide everything from the large cantilevered trusses up. That includes first floor deck, exterior walls with windows already installed, interior walls, pre-cut loft floor joists or trusses, gables, pre-cut rafters, 2×6 T&G and our insulated roof panels. The only finish we provide is the unfinished Douglas Fir beams and T&G. . It is basically a dry in package without the roofing material, already for your subs to begin. There is a standard spec sheet under the options/specs icon, which lists everything we provide.

Do you come to my site and erect the package?
No, You will hire a builder/contractor and he will install the foundation, erect the package, and then finish it out to your specs. We provide a very detailed set blueprints well before the home arrives. The builder will call with questions prior to and during construction.

The Pedestal Foundation is made out of what?
The foundation can simply be block, poured walls, pilings, or even ICF (insulated concrete forms). We provide a standard foundation plan that shows the critical bearing, which is reinforced with rebar. Standard foundation plan is for soil compaction of 2,500lbs per square foot or greater.

Can the Foundation be used as living space?
Yes, many clients are using the base as an additional bedroom and full bath with a private walk out balcony.

Can I customize the floor plan of the model size I like?
Yes, because of our post & beam design, you have a great deal of freedom to design the floor plan that best meets your needs. The cantilevered trusses create different size quadrants under the first floor, therefore, the only restriction is stair location.

What are the major options I can chose from?
Go to either the photogallery icon under options or the options/specs icon for detailed info and pictures.

How is the Home Package delivered?
Pedestal Home models 1616 (16×16 base) or smaller can be delivered in one 53′ semi. Larger homes take two loads. The first load we try to get a flat bed truck. It will have the large trusses, first floor and loft joists or trusses, sheathing, rafters, & cedar trim. We try to get a flat bed so you can easily fork off the material. The second load is all panels; roof panels, wall panels, window panels, gable panels, and any loose windows and doors. The second load will be in a 53′ semi. and with 2 guys in the truck and 4 on the ground, they should be able to unload in less than 4 hrs.

What kind of crew will I need to erect the home?
Typically we see 2 carpenters and 4 semi-skilled assistants.

How long will it take to erect the package?
It should take approximately 1 and ½ days to set the trusses and build the first floor deck. Depending on the complexity of the options, i.e. gable dormer, another 5 to 8 days to install the walls, loft floor, gables, rafters and roof panels. Allow another 2 to 3 days to complete the exterior trim.

Do I need a crane to erect the package?
Depending on site condtions, you may need a small boom crane to set the ridge beams, rafters, and roof panels.  Each 4 x 8 ft. roof panel is only approximately 70 lbs. The cantilevered trusses are 36 to 40 ft in length and each weight about 325 lbs. If your foundation is not accessible by foot from the road than you would need a crane to set the trusses. All the other panels can be set by hand with the exception of the window wall option. Those panels are 16 ft. high, 2 x 6 studs with windows installed.

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