The Benefits of Pedestal Homes

Custom Homes With Beautiful Views

When it comes to having your dream home, there are a lot of factors to choose from. Being able to build your own house can allow you to customize it to meet your needs, so you can get exactly what you want in a home. The benefits of building any home is that you can also choose where you want your home. Whether it’s in the mountains or on the beach a pedestal home from Logangate Timber Homes is a great way to get the beautiful views you deserve. Because pedestal homes are built on a smaller base, you can build in harder locations that are often cheaper but have gorgeous scenery.

Build Easier with Less Costs

Pedestal homes use a small base that rises up from the ground and a larger home on top. This reduces your foundation costs because you don’t have to build a larger foundation around your home and it allows you to build on more uneven land without digging into the mountainside. With beach homes, a pedestal home allows you to have a home closer to the beach or wetlands without having to worry about flooding, as the pedestal will raise your home over the water line. Plus our homes are partially constructed in our factory for quicker building times.

Sustainable Building and Green Options

Logangate Timber Homes has been around for 50 years. We have provided high-quality homes to thousands of customers. Our expertise is in low environmental impact homes that are affordable and look great. Our manufacturing is responsible and sustainable. We also have a variety of eco-friendly options that can help you continue to help the environment while reducing your energy bills. When you choose Logangate Timber Homes for your pedestal home, you can rest assured your home will look great for a lifetime. Make your house your dream home today! Contact us and one of our representatives will answer your questions and help you put together your dream home plan. You can also check out our pedestal home floor plans here.

Logangate Timber Homes

Logangate Timber Homes is custom home builder in Asheville, North Carolina, specializing in building beautiful Modern Post & Beam Homes, Pedestal Timber Homes, Chalet Timber Homes, and Timber Frame Cabins. We have over 50 years of experience building panelized Timber Frame Homes that can be found all over the nation and are particularly popular in Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, and West Virginia. We are dedicated to designing beautifully crafted affordable Timber Frame Homes.

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