There are Reason’s why Douglas Fir Timbers ARE Rated BEST FOR Home Building

When you hear the term post and beam construction it is referring to the term for building home frames with large timbers. Typically steel plates often tie members together. This allows for a home to have much more clerestory space to enhance the beauty of wood. Here at Logangate Timber Homes, we are proud of our reputation as one of the trusted leaders in the industry. We’ve earned our name because we build amazing homes at fair and honest prices!

Each and every one of our homes is built with the environment in mind. They are ALL built to be environmentally sound which will save you money and create less waste. It’s also a way of building that saves energy, which in return will save you a significant amount of money every month on your energy bills. Our post and beam construction provides vaulted wood ceilings supported by the strength of Douglas fir timbers. The benefit of Douglas fir timbers is that they are stronger, more durable and can handle higher impacts and weight loads. This means your timber home can withstand more extreme weather and are built to last longer than other wood types. Douglas fir lumber is considered to be one of the best woods for home building. This wood’s qualities for strength and durability give it high grades. When these trees are harvested and cut into pieces, the lumber is considered one of the finest types of wood in the building industry. It is renowned for its strength and durability. Specifically, it has received the highest softwood lumber grades for its ability to bend, tension parallel-to-grain, horizontal sheer, and compression. All these factors make Douglas fir lumber particularly adept at resisting harsh weather and also easy to nail and bond together.

Douglas Fir is a breathtakingly beautiful wood. There are few things more breathtakingly beautiful than a timber home with expansive ceilings and drop dead gorgeous views. What many people don’t realize is that they don’t have to do standard flat drywall ceilings. We want you to know that an expansive timber frame style home can be yours for about the same price. Our post & beam construction provides vaulted wood ceilings supported by the strength of Douglas fir timbers.

Here at Logangate, we specialize in classic architecture including mountain lodges, custom homes, lakeside retreats and all types of timber frame structures. We design and build ground up efficient and elegant timber frame homes. For over 45 years, we have been in business and strived to provide our customers with beautiful, energy efficient, affordable homes. Manufactured responsibly and sustainably, we want to build you your DREAM HOME.

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Logangate Timber Homes is custom home builder in Asheville, North Carolina, specializing in building beautiful Modern Post & Beam Homes, Pedestal Timber Homes, Chalet Timber Homes, and Timber Frame Cabins. We have over 50 years of experience building panelized Timber Frame Homes that can be found all over the nation and are particularly popular in Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, and West Virginia. We are dedicated to designing beautifully crafted affordable Timber Frame Homes.

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