Our Top Picks For Modern Timber Cabin Designs

Our Top Picks For Modern Timber Cabin Designs

Are you sick and tired of the hustle and bustle of the city? Can you no longer deal with the noise pollution of busy roads and freeways that somehow reach your living space?

If so, you’re not alone. Many homeowners and prospective home buyers want to feel less surrounded by the constant noisiness and pervasive grayness of modern life.

Getting away from the concrete jungle of cities and suburbs has many advantages, such as being conducive to living a longer life. Plus, living in more natural surroundings is said to bolster creativity and inner peace.

But there remains the matter of finding the right home. While you might have a thirst for living in a more outdoor setting, you’ve likely grown up with modern, indoor comforts. As such, you need to find the best possible modern timber cabin designs that can mesh your contemporary expectations with your desire to be in touch with nature.

Read on as we make our suggestions for the top modern timber cabin designs you should consider:

Pick #1: Modern Post and Beam Homes

We’re well into “the future,” where digital environments have steamrolled over brick and mortar. This shift has left many prospective homebuyers with an urge to get in touch with their more nature-based roots. After all, contemporary homes reflect this shift to digitization, seemingly built as enormous electrical outlets waiting to be plugged in.

Enter our Modern Post and Beam homes that blend the sleek modernity of contemporary architecture with a frame structure fit for old-world living.

These homes are characterized by the usage of clean lines and the artful implementation of glass that attracts light in droves. Then there’s the signature structural steel cantilever, maximizing every inch of space in your timber cabin, walking the delicate tightrope where form meets function.

The uniting philosophy of these homes is to integrate quality materials with natural habitats. That means offering you the comforts of current-day living with the many benefits of being immersed in the outdoors. Sure, you can remain connected to the present and all its technology. But you can simultaneously feel in touch with the elements that make you feel whole.

Volume is one of the standout features of Modern Post and Beam Homes. Sky-high timbers characterize this ample volume, a signature element of our expertly designed houses.

Furthermore, there are no attics in these homes. Instead, vaulted ceilings reach the roofs.

Another standout element in the Modern Post and Beam Homes is the authentic 4×8 Douglas-fir timbers and 2×6 Douglas-fir tongue and groove material. Once more, we have a prime example of form-meets-function. The wood is as gorgeous and eye-catching as it is structurally robust.

An advantage of the wood, beyond its reliability as a building material, is the warmth it radiates. When surrounded by our timbers, the intimate mood is unrivaled, offering a sense of sanctuary to residents.

Learn more about the Modern Post and Beam Timber Frame Cabin Designs by clicking here.

Pick #2: Pedestal Timber Homes

Prospective homebuyers looking at steep sloping lots should strongly consider looking at Pedestal Timber Homes. That is if you want your pick of well-sized modern timber cabin designs.

For one, Pedestal Timber Homes allow you to enjoy a spacious abode without you forking out the exponential funds associated with larger foundations. How does the math work? Because these unique timber cabins are designed to cantilever 10 feet on all ends of the compass.

The financial toll reduced by smaller foundations of Pedestal Timber Homes is equaled by their minimized environmental footprint.

While the benefit discussed above presents many big-picture advantages, it also impacts the environment surrounding your house. Specifically, a cabin with a smaller footprint means minimal site disturbance and reduced soil erosion, which is pivotal to building on steep lots.

What else makes Logangate’s Pedestal-based Modern Timber Cabin designs so ideal for prospective homebuyers wanting to immerse their daily life in the wilderness?

Even counties with rigid restrictions on homes built on steep slopes welcome these designs. Better yet, since we tuck the foundation beneath the house, more trees can surround your property than traditional lots.

Our Pedestal Timber Homes maximize space so expertly they can be built up to 3,600-square feet (though you can have them built as little as 1,000-square feet if you’d prefer small timber frame cabin designs).

There’s also the plethora of windows that expertly leverage sunlight to ensure you enjoy all the related Vitamin-D-infused benefits.

Learn more about Logangate’s Pedestal Timber Homes by clicking here.

Pick #3: Chalet Style Homes

Standing out most about Logangate’s prefab Chalet Style Homes is the Swiss Alps Architecture that will make you feel like you’re living in a luxury ski lodge.

This design aesthetic is highlighted by these two incredible features:

● Steep sloping roofs with extended overhangs
● A prow front (meaning, the front of your home resembles the front of a ship)

The trademark overhangs in our Chalet Style Homes are customizable. On the eaves, they can be 1 to 2 feet. And they can be up to 4 ft. on the ends of your home.

Our Chalet-Style overhangs reflect a common theme in all our home designs: form meeting function. They’re stylish and sleek, pleasing the eye of even the most visually inclined homebuyer. But they also stave off rain, snow, and wind, protecting your home from potential damage.

Now, onto the Prow front–the pinnacle feature of our Chalet Style Homes, located at the gable end in the living room and often pointed at the view. Additionally, the wall’s center section sticks out 4 feet at the midpoint.

We often place 8-foot-wide doors and 5 pieces of fixed glass above each door at both midpoint’s sides. This design method allows us to install 2-to-8-foot-wide doors and 10 pieces of fixed glass on the view-side of the Chalet Style Home. As such, you’ll get to enjoy gorgeous visuals of your natural surroundings to their fullest extent.

Learn more about Logangate’s Chalet Timber Homes by clicking here.

Want more information about Logangate’s modern timber cabin designs? Then contact us today. We look forward to being part of your homebuying journey!

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