How to Choose Timber Frame House Plans

Choosing to build a new home can be a daunting task. According to the US Census Bureau, 1.34 million homes were completed in 2021, with a majority of those homes in the southern region of the US. Even with so many homes being constructed, there continues to be a shortage in the present day. Of course, there are many variables that influence the American housing market. In an interview with Karan Kaul, a Housing Supply Specialist at the Urban Institute, estimates that the US will be experiencing a housing shortage for at least a decade.

With so much pressure on the housing market, it can be even more stressful for new home buyers when choosing timber frame house plans for their Logangate dream home. Here is our guide on tips and tricks to consider when choosing timber frame floor plans for your home.

Pick and Stick to a Budget

A common mistake that new homebuyers make is that new homebuyers often exceed their budget or hire an inexperienced home contractor that does not provide transparent pricing estimates in the early stages of the build process. According to Nationwide, when a new home is built, there will be an average of 22 subcontractors working on the project. This is a lot of variables to handle for an inexperienced homebuyer, and trusted general contractors are hard to find. Picking a Logangate Timber Home will come with transparent pricing and an experienced contractor who will help you pick the right choices every step of the way.

Lot Sites for Timber Frame Home Plans

A big factor to consider when choosing a timber frame house plan is the lot size and how your timber frame home plans will be impacted by the size, shape, and elevation of your lot. Many modern mountain homes utilize pedestal home designs to accommodate challenging build terrain. Using cantilevered designs helps expand options for timber frame floor plans and opens the floor for homebuyers to customize wherever they see fit.   

Simple is Sometimes Better

They say that French King Louis XIV is the founder of the simple spice combination of salt and pepper because he believed that simple seasoning was better to avoid crowding food taste. Today, simple timber frame home plans can be better depending on what the homebuyer is searching for. Simple timber frame house plans have the typical perk of saving on build time as well as typically having more open spaces to make the home feel large and welcoming. At Logangate Timber Homes, we offer several floor plans from which our homebuyers can choose, or they can design their own. Our Logangate homes are either 24’ or 28’ wide, and the length is variable in 4’ increments, i.e. 24 x 36, 40, 44.  Also, check out our new Modern Cabin called Unity. 

Determine the Basics

Knowing what basic attributes of the home you’re looking for will help in planning your timber frame floor plans. For example, how many square feet can your lot size accommodate? How many bedrooms and bathrooms are you looking for? What about a walkout basement, storage spaces, kitchen, living room, and laundry spaces? How many floors are you wanting? Having an idea of what attributes you’re looking for can allow correspondence between you and your contractor when brainstorming idioms for timber frame house plans. It’s important to have options when choosing timber frame home plans so that you can narrow down your options to a perfect build.

Why New Homeowners Choose Logangate Timber Homes

As stated earlier, having experienced home builders is extremely important when building a new home. A National Public Radio (NPR) interview with Karan Kaul, a housing supply specialist at the Urban Institute, suggests that there is strong evidence pointing to a lack of professional builders to be a leading cause of the present American housing shortage. Fewer experienced builders have led to fewer homes being built, coupled with high demand has created a significant shortage of new homes. At Logangate Timber Homes, we have built modern timber frame cabins for over 50 years with no plans of slowing down. When you choose a Logangate home, you’re choosing experience so that your home will be a quality build.

Logangate Floor Plan Styles

The styles we offer are the Chalet, Grand Chalet, Timber Frame Cabin, Grandfather, Appalachian, Nantahala, and Sugar. Each of these homes is built with exceptional quality and is beautiful in its own right. Despite all of them being floor plans for timber homes, they each offer a distinct charm separate from one another.

Features of Each Floor Plan:

  • Chalet: Inspired by Swiss architecture, this style has gained popularity in the U.S. for its charm that is reminiscent of a secluded mountain home getaway.
  • Grand Chalet: A larger version of the Chalet floor plan, it has a similar architectural design but with the addition of extra space with one or two wings on either side.
  • Cabin: The aesthetics of a cabin are perfect for complementing the natural wooden environment. The Douglas firs used to create our cabins are very durable and give your home the strength it needs to withstand the wilderness.
  • The Grandfather: A large 2-story timber home featuring a large garage space, covered porch, and an optional fourth bedroom. This beautiful home is perfect for a family vacation home or for those that want to live with the luxury of a large timber home. 
  • Appalachian: Smaller than The Grandfather but similar in aesthetic quality, the Appalachian floor plan is great for smaller families or couples that desire the charm of a semi-spacious timber home.
  • Nantahala: This floor plan provides a quaint timber home with vertical paneling and a cozy second floor that contains two bedrooms, a bath, and a loft.
  • Sugar: Despite it being the smaller option of our timber homes, Sugar creatively uses its space to provide two bedrooms, two baths, a loft, a storage area, and more.


No matter which floor plan you choose, each of our timber homes is designed to look great in the scenic environment of a wooded area or a suburban neighborhood. To learn more about which floor plan will work best for you, contact Logangate Timber Homes today!

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