Sustainable Forestry Initiative

SFI Certified

The Sustainable Forestry Initiative® (SFI®) program is a comprehensive system of principles, objectives, and performance measures that incorporates the growing and harvesting of trees with the protection of soil and water quality, wildlife habitat, plants and scenic beauty.

Logangate  Timber Homes’ partner, C & D lumber, participates in and is committed to the SFI program and expects landowners and suppliers from whom they purchase timber from to be aware of and practice the following principles of the SFI program:

  • Utilize best management practices (BMPs), promote reforestation efforts, be aware of visual quality management and identify and protect important habitat elements for wildlife habitat.
  • At all times comply with applicable federal, state, and local environmental protection laws.
  • Utilize the services of qualified resource professionals and qualified logging professionals in applying principles of sustainable forest management on their lands.
  • Ensure that activities do not compromise adherence to the principles of sustainable forestry.
  • Encourage economically, environmentally, and socially sound practices.

In instances when C&D holds the timber deed or timber contract and is working directly with logging contractors it reserves the right to suspend logging operations due to inclement weather. When working with wood suppliers, C&D will encourage operations that are weather appropriate.

C & D, Above and Beyond Forestry Practices They Follow

In addition to adhering to the OFPA and SFI guidelines, they commit to the following practices:

  • target 500 trees per acre to be planted following harvest-that’s 2 ½ times the trees required by the OFPA. (OFPA also requires Landowners to complete replanting within two years after harvest. Within six years, the harvest area must be a healthy stand of trees that can outgrow competing grass and brush.)
  • protect fish and streams by leaving riparian zones. (To protect fish and drinking water OFPA restricts timber harvesting, road building and the use of chemicals close to streams.
  • protect habitat by leaving live trees, snags and fallen trees-all of which provide structure for wildlife habitat.
  • all logs are purchased from landowners who have been issued “notification of operation numbers” by the Oregon Department of Forestry.
  • fully utilize each log we purchase, and each tree we harvest.


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