Energy Efficient Timber Frame Homes are the Future

Energy Efficient Timber Frame Homes are the Future

Building a Logangate Timber Home shows that you have exceptional style, taste, and standards! At Logangate, we use the highest quality materials while placing an emphasis on protecting our environment. Logangate Timber Homes offer the highest quality pedestal homes, timber homes, and cabin house kits at a very affordable price.

Building Sustainable Living Homes

At Logangate, we are dedicated to building sustainable living homes. Our post and beam construction refers to the way we build homes using large timbers. Typically, steel plates are used to tie members together. This allows for a home to have much more clerestory space that will enhance the beauty of wood. In addition to the natural beauty of large timber wood, Logangate’s post and beam homes also provide exceptional durability! In fact, they are structurally stronger than conventional platform construction. For over fifty years, Logangate has been dedicated to providing high-quality and gorgeous homes that are built in a way that is kind to the environment.

Things are Looking Up in the Ceiling

When you choose to build an energy-efficient panelized home, you might expect a dull dry walled ceiling to allow for insulation space. Luckily for you, Logangate Timber Homes has perfected not just creating a beautiful exterior, but we have also designed an energy-efficient timber frame home without a standard flat drywall ceiling. An expansive energy-efficient timber frame home ceiling is a specialty at Logangate and it can be yours for pretty much the same price as traditional flat drywall. Our post and beam construction provides vaulted wood ceilings supported by solid and gorgeous Douglas Fir timbers and 2×6 Douglas Fir Tongue and Groove. 

Common Misconceptions About Panelized Building

A key component in creating sustainable living homes is the use of energy-efficient panelized home building practices. According to Build With Rise, approximately 35% of all energy loss in a home occurs through the walls. These inefficiencies can also happen in the attic, windows/doors, and basement. The most energy loss is through the walls. 

Today, our wall and roof components are built in a controlled factory setting to give you the highest level of craftsmanship. Manufacturing the home in parts allows for greater control of the process, fewer waste products, and ensures a tight fit of the home overall. This process saves on energy costs over the life of the home and passes those savings off into your energy bills.

It’s time to start enjoying a comfortable home all year long and lower your energy bills. Our energy-efficient panelized homes can be shipped anywhere and allow for much faster drying times. You can customize the floor plan including expanding the home in 4ft. increments, i.e. 24ft. X 36ft., 40ft., 44ft. etc. Select a floor plan, and then design it to meet your dreams. With Logangate Timber Homes, building your energy-efficient timber frame home is affordable, easy, and customizable!

Modern Solutions to a Modern Problem

It’s no secret that building codes across the United States and beyond are becoming more stringent when it comes to energy efficiency. With the global energy crisis in full effect, new homeowners are scrambling to find ways to save on long-term energy costs and reduce their carbon footprint in their sustainable living homes

While existing homes can be retrofitted to increase efficiency levels to an extent, new home builders have the distinct advantage of being able to plan and prepare for higher efficiency and the savings that come along with it. Here are a few tips we’ve learned in our business that is inspired by a recent article by Timber Home Living:

  1. Roof Insulation: The number one area that provides the most bang for your buck is a properly insulated roof system. We all know heat rises and wood is a very poor insulator. You want a roof system with continuous foam roof insulation without any wood 2x rafters between them that blanket your roof and prevent any thermal bridging. If you have ever seen unfrosted lines on a frosted roof on a cold morning, that is actually heat being lost through the wood roof trusses. At Logangate Timber Homes, we use panelized roof systems to add to our arsenal of options for sustainable living homes.  BASF makes our NEOPOR foam which is EPS foam that they inject graphite into it.   The graphite turns the panel gray but more importantly, it reflects heat better and is denser.  Our standard R-value on our roof panels is R-40.  
  2. Quality Windows and Doors: With even the best windows, the most inefficient part of your building envelope will be the windows. Being a part of your home’s shell, windows and doors have to be able to integrate well into the wall systems and have low-E capabilities. If a window is poorly installed or is of lower quality, it can comprise the efficiency of the entire envelope. Make sure your windows have a U-value and Solar Heat Gain Coefficient that meets the code for where you are building. Remember: the lower the numbers, the better. 
  3. Insulated Foundations: In our experience building traditional timber homes, the combination of timber framing and SIPs with ICFs (Insulated Concrete Forms) or Superior Wall foundations has proven to create extremely tight envelopes that are well insulated from the ground up, literally.
  4. Large Overhangs: Eaves and overhangs help protect your windows and interior spaces from sun exposure. Having eaves with an appropriate depth for your area and climate can also help to protect the home from the area’s weather systems year-round.

At Logangate Timber Homes, we follow these principles in all energy-efficient timber frame homes we build. Green and energy-efficient buildings refer to the way of building that’s kinder to our environment. It’s also a way of building that saves energy, which in return will save you a significant amount of money every month on your heating and cooling bills.

Why ‘Green Building’ is More than a Catchphrase

When you hear the term green building you typically think of a way of building that’s kinder and gentler to the environment. That is true but when a home is built using these building practices, you will also save a great deal of energy and money! Ultimately, it is a practice that includes creating structures and using processes that are responsible and efficient. At Logangate Timber Homes, we are extremely proud of our reputation as one of the trusted leaders in the industry; we sustain this reputation through constructing energy-efficient timber frame homes to show that we take green building seriously—it’s an integral part of who we are! We practice sustainable manufacturing in our facility conserving electricity and striving towards zero waste; these are key components to building our energy-efficient panelized homes.

Our commitment to sustainable living means that your Logangate Timber Home will be extremely energy efficient. Our in-house Green Building Team will work with you to ensure you get the most efficient, durable home possible. Our team constantly studies the industry looking for new technologies and better methods of an environmentally friendly building so they can extend that knowledge to you and your home.  These methods include:

  • Evaluate insulation types and specify above-code R-values
  • Evaluate opportunities for green building certification programs such as ENERGY STAR,
  • LEED, the NAHB National Green Building Standard
  • Detailed passive solar design review including overhang sizing & shading analysis, window location and specs, and thermal mass
  • Plan for and integrate renewable energy systems
  • Ongoing evaluation of energy-efficient panelized home building practices

At Logangate Timber Homes, we have been in business for over 50 years. We are dedicated to providing high-quality energy-efficient timber frame homes to our customers. We strive to provide our low environmental impact homes at an affordable price. Our homes are manufactured responsibly and sustainably so you can feel good about a green home from Logangate. You can rest assured that your home from Logangate will be beautiful, durable, energy-efficient, and will last for generations. We can walk you through all the options and assist you every step of the way. The finished product will not only be a gorgeous, showstopper home but an energy-efficient home built with a commitment to sustainable living. Logangate Timber Homes are your partner to help you design your home as efficiently as you want and within your budget! Contact us today!

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