Advantages in Post and Beam Construction

No matter which new building methods are in style at the time, nothing can quite compare to the sturdy and stylish designs of a post and beam home. Post and beam construction utilizes high-grade, heavy timbers to create long-lasting, age-resistant homes with beautiful spacious interiors. This construction method can be traced back to ancient times but will never go out of style thanks to all of the benefits it provides.

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Sprawling Interior Space

Home designs that utilize cheaper materials have to rely on a large number of structural support columns. This is not so with post and beam home designs. Thanks to the use of those sturdy, high-grade heavy timbers, post and beam houses are able to spread out the structural supports, allowing for more living space in your home. And since this means there aren’t any load-bearing walls, the floor plan can be just about anything you want it to be. Section off your floor plan however you’d like without worrying about its structural integrity.

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Efficient Construction

Because of the relatively simple design of post and beam homes, construction time may be greatly reduced in comparison to other construction methods. When used in conjunction with our pre-built panel systems, post and beam construction can go by quite quickly, letting you move into your custom dream home faster than ever. Our panelized home kits use pre-cut, sanded, and numbered Douglas Fir rafters, allowing for faster build times and virtually no waste or mistakes on the job site. 


Post and beam construction has been world-renowned for its strength since its inception. Notoriously hard to destroy, post and beam houses are often the only ones still standing after natural disasters, with some post and beam homes from the middle ages still retaining their structural integrity to this day. 

Many modern construction methods utilize treated lumber in combination with other weak materials as they’re only expected to be lived in for roughly 40 years. This is in stark contrast to reliable post and beam methods which only use the best materials that are expected to last at least 100 years.

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Natural Beauty

With their exposed beams and cut timber, post and beam homes are built around their natural beauty. Nothing can compare to the warmth and comfort you’ll feel inside your post and beam home. The wooden exteriors of post and beam houses also let your home blend seamlessly into the natural environment around it, allowing it to become part of the landscape. 

At Logangate, we use incredibly strong and gorgeous Douglas Fir Timbers which are pre-cut and sanded and are very rare east of Mississippi. We use these timbers because of their incomparable strength and their stunning beauty.

Post and beam construction also respects nature itself by reducing the waste commonly associated with new construction, and by avoiding the use of chemically treated materials. Logangate is also committed to ensuring that your post and beam home is energy efficient. Our in-house Green Building Team constantly studies the industry looking for new technologies and better methods of green building and will work with you to ensure you get the most efficient, durable home possible.





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