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Timber Cabin Kit

Timber Frame Cabin - Grand Cabin

Timber Frame Cabin - Grand Cabin

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The first thing you notice when you walk into a Logangate Timber Frame Cabin Home is the warmth and beauty of the Douglas Fir Ceilings.   We source our Douglas Fir Timbers and Tongue and Groove material from British Columbia.   It is the heart and soul of a Timber Frame Cabin home and we will not compromise with lesser grade material. Our cabin kits come with 4×8 Rafters, surfaced all four sides, pre-cut, sanded, and numbered to correspond with the blueprints.   On top of that, we pride ourselves on one of the very few Timber Frame Cabin companies east of the Mississippi that uses 2×6 Douglas Fir tongue and groove.  The 2×6 is so strong it becomes our structural roof deck. 





The Prefab in Prefab timber frame cabin homes simply means that the walls are pre-built in our factory controlled environment with the windows already installed.  Rafters are cut to length.  Our insulated roof panels are also pre-cut t0 size as well as pitch cut.  All hardware is included, and your cabin kit is ready to be delivered to your job site for quick erection. 

Another unique feature of our Timber frame cabins kits are fully exposed loft floor system.  We use the same 4×8 timbers as your floor joist and the same 2×6 douglas fir tongue and groove as your flooring.   The result is when you are standing on the first floor and look up at the ceiling you will see the same beautiful Douglas Fir giving you a consistent feel throughout the prefab cabin home.

Timber Frame Cabin Interior



Our prefab cabin homes produce tremendous volume.   The post and beam cabin kits design do not have any attics, therefore, your ceilings go all the way to the roof.  Typically living rooms are designed as clerestory space resulting in 20’ plus heights at the peak.  Similarly, the upstairs bedrooms are fully vaulted adding to the open feel of the design.   In our Timber cabin kits, we typically design windows in your vaulted spaces that go all the way to the roof.  This gives you a full visual of your gorgeous view. 






TImber Frame Cabin Interior

Timber Frame Cabin Kits

If you are looking to build a getaway home in the woods, by the beach or just want that rustic look, a timber cabin kit from Logangate Timber Homes is a great option for you. We can help build your dream cabin quicker and more affordably. Our timber frame cabin kits are prefabricated. That means we stick build the walls, pre-cut the Douglas Fir Rafters, and fabricate the insulated roof panels in our manufacturing facility. This allows you to have a quicker build time and a more energy efficient cabin. We ship these pieces directly to your final building site.  We have a variety of layouts to choose from that can be customized to meet your needs. 

When you hear the term Kit Home it is simply referring to a prebuilt home. Here at Logangate Timber Homes, our cabin house kit is made of pre-assembled walls (panelized construction) with the windows already installed. We also pre-cut and sand the Douglas Fir Rafters and fabricate the insulated foam roof panels. With this process, you can have your prefab cabin home dried in in only a few days minimizing your home’s exposure to the weather. We also as a standard, install 5/8” polyiso rigid foam board underneath the wall sheathing. Not only do you get an R-4 value from the product but it also creates an important thermal break. We think this is a much better system than standard 2×6 walls with only OSB sheathing. Since the walls of our prefab cabin homes are built in our facility, you can get an air tight seal that is hard to create outside of our factory setting, eliminating drafts and helping you save energy dollars.

When building your Timber Frame Cabin kit you need to be able to design your floor plan that will meet your needs.   Logangate timber cabin kit homes allow you a great deal of flexibility.  Our timber frame cabin house kit plans start at either 24’ or 28’ deep and then work in 4’ increments, ie 24×36, 40, 44 etc.  Because of the Timber frame Cabin kit home designs, we have very few load-bearing points.  This feature allows you to work with our in house design team to customize the floor plan any way you like.   First, start out with how much square footage you want in total.  Second, do you have any viewpoints that you want to highlight from inside the home.  Third, how many bedrooms and baths will you want.  These design elements can all be incorporated into a design that you have always wanted.  We have in house design team to work with you and produce in AutoCAD full set of floor plans, elevations, and construction set used for permitting.  We take care of it all, no need to incur the extra costs of an architect.

Cabin House Kit Benefits:

  • Durable materials: Douglas firs are some of the strongest and most durable timbers in the industry, so you can feel confident your cabin will last for a long time.
  • Energy efficient: Since parts of your cabin house kit are built in our facility, you get air-tight seals to help reduce energy bills. Insulated roof panel system with R-values from R-34 to R-51.  Passive Solar design to maximize natural efficiencies.
  • Quicker Build Time: You can dry in your cabin kit quicker than traditional construction because parts are pre-built, reducing exposure to inclement weather and moisture.
  • Quality Control: Our manufacturing facility allows us to make your home more factory-controlled. This reduces defects and drafts in your home.
  • Eco-friendly: Our manufacturing facility is dedicated to using renewable sources of energy and we strive toward zero waste.
  • Variety: We have a variety of cabin & chalet plans available that can be customized to fit your needs.  24 or 28 ft. wide to whatever length you want in 4 ft increments, i.e. 24×36,40,44 etc

Call us today to begin your process of designing your dream Timber Frame Cabin.




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