Panelized Home Kits

Customizable Panelized Homes from Logangate

A Post & Beam Hybrid

Our panelized home kits combine Beauty of Post & Beam and the Efficiency of Panelized Construction. 

Providing materials in a “ready to install” state is a growing trend in the building materials supply industry. Panelizing, componentizing and prefabrication can be applied to almost every project.

Panelized construction simply means that we build your home panel by panel in our controlled factory setting.  This allows for the highest quality panelized construction and therefore the precision fit on the job site.   Our prefabricated panelized home kit typically designs our walls to break in 4’ increments.  The reason we do this is that when the two walls come together the 2x on each wall forms a 4x which becomes our modified post.  That is the post and bearing point for the douglas fir rafter.   Panelized house kits allow us to prebuild smaller walls in our factory which enable us to load them in a truck to be delivered anywhere. 

Quality Douglas Fir Rafters   

Click for a closer view

Click for a closer view

Douglas Fir rafters are pre-cut, sanded and number and are apart of our panelized cabin kits.  Because everything is pre-cut there is virtually no waste or mistakes on the job site. 

Our panelized homes include a panelized roof system.  On top of the Douglas Fir Tongue and Groove, we provide a precut insulated roof panel.  We utilized EPS or Neopor foam with OSB on one side.  The roof panels are attached the T&G with 10” roof panel screws.  When the roof system is installed, it is pre-insulated and at a finish level.   Choose your stain color or simply clear coat and your finished, saving time and expense.   Roofing material, underlayment along with shingle or metal, is not provided as part of the Timber Home Package.  



Panelized Home Kits

Panelized Home Kits












Panelized Home Kits



Panelized Home Designs by Logangate Homes

Panelized home plans can be customized to meet your design needs.  We have modern panelized home kits or more traditional chalet and timber home designs.  Pick your style first and then we can assist with drafting the size and interior layout.  Our panelized home kit provides for better quality, tighter fit, quicker erection time minimizing exposure to the elements, minimal waste, and on budget.  What else could you ask for.  Contact us today to talk to a representative about your new home. We can walk you through all the options and assist you every step of the way. You’ll feel at home with a panelized home by Logangate Homes.



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Logangate Timber Homes is custom home builder in Asheville, North Carolina, specializing in building beautiful Modern Post & Beam Homes, Pedestal Timber Homes, Chalet Timber Homes, and Timber Frame Cabins. We have over 50 years of experience building panelized Timber Frame Homes that can be found all over the nation and are particularly popular in Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, and West Virginia. We are dedicated to designing beautifully crafted affordable Timber Frame Homes.

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