Our Panelized Wall Systems

Panelized construction simply means that we build the walls indoors in a controlled environment allows for tighter fitting building components, reducing air leakage and ensuring quality.

Benefits of Post & Beam construction allows us to virtually eliminate most headers.  Solid headers are used to bridge roof loads to either side of windows or doors.  Solid headers are not insulated and can easily conduct heat or cold through the wood significantly reducing energy efficiency.

Our unique panelized post & beam construction has bearing on the wall every 4 ft. (Post) as the Douglas Fir rafter (Beam) sits on that point load.  Therefore, if your window or door is place within that space we do not need a header allowing you to fully insulate the space.

Wall Insulation and Weather Barrier:  1/2″ Poly-iso rigid foam board is applied under the sheathing on all  Logangate wall panels, providing a continuous layer of insulation (thermal break) that greatly reduces heat loss through the wood framing in the walls.  This adds an additional R-3.6 to your wall system plus the R-13 or R-15 batt between the studs gives you a total wall value of R-16.6 or R-18.6.


Zip Wall System

In addition, our standard sheathing is ZIP panel OSB.  Simply tape the seams and you have a code approved weather barrier.  Save money and time with this one step process eliminating traditional house wrap.

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