Why You Should Choose a Beautiful Timber Home

There’s just something to be said about the strong rustic stylings that timber homes possess. Whether it’s because of their “old world” charm or stupendous architecture, the allure of a timber home cannot be escaped. Often, people dream of having a retreat home in the mountains or some other wilderness setting. With Logangate Timber Homes, you don’t have to dream about it any longer, instead, you can live it. Our timber homes are designed to be affordable so that anyone can enjoy the rustic beauty of our great architectural designs. What makes our timber homes so affordable is the way in which they are built. 

There are two ways that a timber home can be constructed; one is by use of timber framing and the other is post & beam construction. Our specialty here at Logangate is post & beam construction. The reason why we choose this method over timber framing is largely because of the affordability and turnaround time. Post & beam uses simpler connections or steel plates to connect the components. These connectors can either be exposed or hidden depending on your preference.

Logangate Panalized SystemIf exposed, they offer a great visual aspect to your timber home that cannot be found in timber framing. The use of prefabricated materials helps cut down on labor cost and expedites the erection of your new timber home. These are stark advantages over the more traditional timber frame construction. Essentially, you can have the beauty of a timber frame home in less time and for less cost. In fact, a well-built post & beam timber home is nearly indistinguishable from a timber framed home.

The advantages that our post & beam construction have to offer can be seen in all of our timber home models. Whether you’re interested in the Swiss architecture of the Grand Chalet, or the cozy design of the Sugar, you can be certain that your new timber home will look great and be done affordably and in a timely manner with Logangate. For more information about our timber homes or about the advantages of post & beam construction, contact us today!

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