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Choosing the RIGHT Builder is Just as Important as Choosing your Floor Plan

When most people start the process of building a home, they usually have a list of “musts” that they go over with the builder. What many forget is that it’s just as important to make sure you understand what the builder’s vision is for your home. It’s important to keep a constant dialogue open. Here at Logangate Timber Homes, we want our homeowners to know that there are SEVERAL beautiful home styles to choose from and you don’t have to make up your mind in one day! It just really depends on your likes and dislikes. For example, most homeowners love the looks of a Timber Home but have no idea that it can be built for about the same price as a traditional home!

Smart Building WILL Protect your Home from the Elements

There are many benefits to building a Logangate Elevated Home. Essentially, an Elevated home is a raised home. It is similar to a stilt homes in that it is built on foundations that are raised above ground level to protect against flooding. Being elevated, the home will incur less damage in the event of a flood. Another benefit is that this smart building style is a lot more affordable then pouring an entire slab foundation. Another clear benefit is that an Elevated home can mean that you can build in a difficult location, or terrain. It also gives you extra space.


In the building industry the term ‘slab-on-grade‘ (also known as having a shallow foundation) is simply referring to a type of foundation that is very near to the surface. A slab-on-grade foundation is an excellent choice for many homeowners because it is a more affordable foundation that is also extremely durable. With that being said, as cost effective as a slab-on-grade foundation is, it really only makes sense in warmer climates where freezing and thawing are less of a concern.

Our Factory Setting Gives you an Airtight Seal Which SAVES You Money

If you are about to build a home there is a lot to familiarize yourself with. Different terms, building styles, products, you name it. Take a Prefabricated home for instance. Many people know a little but really don’t understand what this type of home truly is. Simply speaking, a Prefabricated home, also referred to as a pre-built home is basically a home that has pre made pieces, like walls, gable panels, roof panels, etc.

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