How to Choose Windows for Timber Home

Timber houses should look attractive on the inside as well as the outside. The interior should bring the warmth of wood feel by picking the right window style for the provision of light, insulation and excellent ventilation. Knowing your option for your window placement and purpose, you might have gone through numerous size, style, and material options before you made a decision.

House of Style

Windows serves a central design feature apart from the provision of light, insulation, and ventilation. Select the right window style for each space to make a meaningful style statement. Here are your window style options for your timber home centered on how the windows open and close.

  • Single and double-hung windows: Place them in an area for easier accessibility for operation and maintenance. A single-hung window has one such while a double-hung window contains two sashes. The sashes move up and down. Single and double-hung windows allow more air leakage and are more affordable than casement windows.
  • Casement windows: The difference between a casement window and a single and double-hung window is that the former is more airtight than the later when closed. It has a hand crank that allows the window to be opened at an angle for optimal ventilation. The hand crank opens the glass from a side hinge. It is advisable not to place casement windows or awning windows above a deck or porch because they will block the way.
  • Awning windows:They prevent moisture from coming into the house and are airtight sealed like casement windows. They are hinged at the top thus allowing you to open it outward and up. Due to this design, they provide an excellent airflow because of their capabilities to be partially or fully opened. However, the size options are limited.
  • Gliding windows: Because they can be unlocked through the side to side sliding, they offer excellent ventilation. They are easy to clean but less resistant to elements like moisture.
  • Picture windows: They are of different shapes and sizes. And are fixed in place any space and cannot be opened for ventilation but allows sunlight.
  • Clerestory windows: They are placed near the ceiling to allow extra light and perfect for a room where privacy is needed.
  • Bay and bow windows: They form a picture-perfect view since they are an arrangement of three or more windows that go beyond the main wall. They allow a good amount of heat loss due to their sizes.

Material World

A timber home owner would want a beautiful, stylish window that is easy to maintain, durable and energy efficient. This is when the material factor comes in; what are you choosing for your clad exterior and interior. Some of the materials are:

  • Wood: They are different types of wood, and each has its characteristics that contribute to its appearance.
  • Clad wood: It does not require painting and provides extra protection to the wood since it contains a strong layer of metal covering.
  • Vinyl: It is a durable plastic material that does not fade, peel, flake or rot.
  • Aluminum: It is most preferred because of its ability to withstand all climates. It is an alternative to wood since it is light and a strong material.

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