Couple Builds a New York Timber Home

Instead of buying a pre-existing home, Brian and Dawn Kempisty decided to invest in their dream home. The timber home was completed in 2009 and the pair was excited to move into the new construction, after four years of financing, planning, and construction. The project was so enjoyable for the couple that Brian took a job with the contracting company that built the home, while Dawn pursued a career as an interior designer.

Building Their Own Timberbuilt Home

Mr. Kempisty says they gained a tremendous sense of accomplishment from designing and building their own home and they each wanted careers that would allow them to relive the experience. This exciting journey started in 2005, when Dawn and Brian decided to sell their Ellicottville, New York home and look for something better suited to their needs and tastes. Instead of looking for something available on the market, the couple began looking into designing and building a timber home.

The couple researched timber companies and eventually narrowed it down to the six best companies in the area. From there, they looked closer at each company and eventually decided that Timberbuilt would provide the best experience. The company is owned by George Klemens and Brian says it was George’s personality and knowledge that really convinced Dawn and himself to give Timberbuilt the job. While the other companies had flashy websites and impressive brochures, the Kempistys were drawn to George’s dedication to customer service and expertise in home construction.

The next step would be surveying the land and Mr. Klemens joined Brian on the 160-acre plot himself to assist in this step. This would help determine the best placement of the home on the parcel of land, which is just four miles the ski village of Ellicottville. Ultimately, it was decided to build the home on the peak of the mountain, so it could overlook the area in every direction.
Brian explained that they designed the home to coincide with the land in a way that would maximize exposure to natural lighting. For instance, the couple’s master bedroom is on the east side, so they can benefit from the early morning sunrise, while the kitchen and covered porch can be found on the western side of the home. This enables them to enjoy dining or sitting outdoors to observe the setting of the sun.

Using the Natural Theme

Brian and Dawn wanted to keep a natural theme throughout the house. This meant using a color palette that mimicked the natural hues of the land, as well as making use of natural building and design materials. Smooth concrete countertops compliment the kitchen’s fine cabinetry and state of the art appliances. Cedar wood, reclaimed and polished, makes up the flooring throughout the home, while cedar timber was used for the exterior construction of the home.

Everything in the home is unique, from the reclaimed wood, which was taken from an old tobacco barn and required patience in acquiring, to the buffalo head hanging above the fireplace. The home was designed to suit the couple’s tastes, which Brian describes as “durable, yet sophisticated”. While there’s a sense of style to the home, it’s also designed to feel comforting and welcoming. Mr. Kempisty says their dream home was never supposed to be so sophisticated that it’s off putting. Instead, he feels right at home walking the dogs, chopping some wood for the fireplace, and returning home to relax. Dawn and Brian Kempisty built their timber home to relax and enjoy and that’s just how they’re using it.

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